Jared Deutsch - Projects

Geometallurgist | Geostatistician


In addition to my published work, I am affiliated with a number of projects including:

  • Resource Modeling Solutions

    Co-Founder and Geometallurgist of Resource Modeling Solutions, a company delivering geostatistical and geometallurgical consulting, training, and solutions to mining and petroleum companies.

  • Geostatistics Lessons

    Founder and editor of the website GeostatisticsLessons.com with lessons on geostatistics by practicing geostatisticians

  • pygeostat

    Founder of pygeostat, a python package for working with spatial data, scripting geostatistical workflows, and geostatistical modeling using tools developed at the Centre for Computational Geostatistics

  • Spatial Modeling of Geometallurgical Variables

    Actively spatially modeling geometallurgical variables including mill work indices and recoveries

  • Process Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization

    Quantifying and optimizing uncertainty in metallurgical processes due to limited knowledge about the subsurface before mining

  • Modeling Multiscale and Nonlinear Variables

    Modeling rock properties measured on different scales and which average nonlinearly

  • CCG Knowledge Base

    Founder of the Centre for Computational Geostatistics Knowledge Base, a respository for tools and papers developed at the Centre for Computational Geostatistics

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